About the Creator

Suzanne Isaza (she/her/hers) is a survivor of incest and outspoken advocate for sexual violence prevention, and a DV/SA grant consultant. Her experience as a survivor uniquely positions her to be an effective speaker, organizer, writer, and leader on this issue. 

Suzanne’s transition from survivor to advocate began in 2014. She joined a New England-based survivor speakers bureau and began talking publicly about her experience as a survivor of incest. Empowered by her growing voice and the impact she witnessed on those to whom she spoke, Suzanne soon realized the importance of breaking the code of silence surrounding incest and sexual assault more generally. She began to broaden her talks to include practical information about incest and sexual violence, and encouraged more people to become active in prevention and advocacy. Through appearances in over 75 presentations, trainings, podcasts, and media articles, Suzanne has communicated a compelling and powerful message to college students, members of the military, professionals, educators, the general public, and abuse survivors. 

In early 2019, Suzanne began to realize the need for greater support and infrastructure for her and fellow advocates. She started a Facebook group, hoping to build a more organized community of support for activists, which quickly grew to over 1,000 members in only a few short months. Suzanne realized there was a huge need for a survivor-advocate organization. Drawing together a team of over a dozen other leaders around the country, Suzanne founded the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN). Its mission is to reduce sexual violence by supporting the people working to achieve that vision. SAAN provides specialized services to seasoned advocates and helps those new to this community to become stronger, well connected, more effective leaders. SAAN does this in three ways: educating survivor-advocates and their allies on the topic of sexual violence; providing networking, leadership-development, and mentoring opportunities for advocates; and pointing people to policy and advocacy campaigns that advance the world closer to an end to interpersonal violence. 

As a survivor committed to incest prevention, in 2020 Suzanne created IncestAWARE.org, a resource website focused entirely on the topic of incest - the first of its kind. The site is devoted to three things: helping survivors and their loved ones along their healing journeys; raising public awareness of incest, how to prevent it, and how to intervene to protect children; and ensuring that survivor stories are heard and are catalysts for meaningful change. 

Suzanne offers a range of in-person and virtual trainings and talks on topics that include Incest, Sexual Assault 101, Healing and Resilience, and Survivor Community Building. She also trains the community as a member of Difference Makers LLC, a group of highly experienced and committed public speakers who are passionate about ending sexual harassment and assault. 

As a grant consultant and nonprofit writer, Suzanne helps organizations to obtain charitable funding - over $30M since 2000. She assists survivors, advocates, and violence prevention organizations with a range of writing services, including websites, social media, grants, reports, and publications.

Suzanne is committed to helping other survivor-advocates grow their organizations and skill sets. She consults with groups on organizational development, grassroots fundraising, and leadership development. The author of an online column on sexual violence, she has written on a broad range of issues for the interpersonal violence advocacy community including child sexual abuse, serial sexual offenders, and human trafficking. Suzanne has been featured as one of 50 trauma survivors around the world demonstrating remarkable resilience in the face of personal tragedy in Emma Bell’s guidebook “The 9 Secrets to Thriving: Uncovering Your Inner Resilience.” She has degrees in sociology, women's studies, and accounting. 

To book a training or talk, explore consulting options, or to learn more about her work in general, visit SuzanneIsaza.com or write to her at SuzanneIsaza@gmail.com.


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