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The Incest AWARE team is available for in-person or virtual training on the topics of incest and sexual violence. If you or your organization is interested in hosting a training or exploring training options, email (Customized training is available.)

Training offerings include the following:

Incest: Breaking the Silence and Embracing Prevention 

The #MeToo movement has been groundbreaking - but still, no one is talking about incest. The least talked about and most hidden form of sexual abuse, incest is extremely traumatic and causes lasting harm for survivors and their families. In adulthood, many survivors continue to struggle with trauma and isolation, but due to the incest taboo, they rarely talk about their experience. This presentation will explore the dynamics of incest in families and the secrecy that shrouds it. It will discuss the long-term impacts on survivors, how loved ones can best support a survivor through disclosure and healing, and how the community can raise awareness of and prevent incest.

Healing and Resilience After Incest

It takes many survivors quite some time to talk about incest, yet disclosure is just the first step in a long process of processing, healing, and thriving. Both survivors and those who love or work with them have questions. How best can we respond to and support an incest survivor when they disclose? What does the reporting and healing process look like for survivors? Can children thrive after incest, and how best can loved ones help them build resilience into adulthood? This presentation will explore these questions and more in an interactive format.

Sexual Assault 101

This presentation is an excellent overview of sexual violence - how it happens, who is affected, and how we all can help prevent it and support survivors. This training will cover the A-Z, including statistics and prevalence, who is affected, the ways it manifests in different environments, barriers to reporting and prosecution, rape myths, and signs of abuse in children and adults. It will explore the extent to which marginalized communities are at greater risk for assault, as well as strategies we can employ to prevent sexual violence. It will delve into the way our country’s code of silence keeps survivors quiet, and explores the basics of consent. The presenter will describe personal experience as an incest survivor and discuss their transition from survivor to thriver despite the lasting trauma caused by abuse.

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"Do not accept the shame that belongs to your abuser. Deshame yourself, beautiful incest survivor!"

- Pamela Clark, Deshaming Podcast