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About Incest AWARE

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Incest AWARE is to be a digital resource on the topic of incest abuse. Incest AWARE raises awareness of the epidemic of sexual violence in the family system, provides resources to survivors and their loved ones along their healing journeys, and amplifies the voices of advocates who have chosen to transform their personal experiences with abuse into positive social change. 

We are a survivor-centered resource available to survivors, supporters, and spokespeople who share our commitment to creating safer families and systems. Incest AWARE is committed to providing space and a platform to survivors from marginalized communities, and has advocated for an end to patterns of abuse and oppression within families and in society as a whole.

Our vision is a world in which people are safe from incest abuse. Until then, we envision a community in which survivors and those who care for them are heard, believed, and supported.

Our Resources and Initiatives

Founded by Suzanne Isaza with the support of a strong and experienced team, Incest AWARE has done the following in pursuit of our mission:

  • Our Media Campaign has brought the stories and perspectives of incest survivors to light through articles, interviews, and videos designed to raise public awareness of incest abuse and those living through it.

  • The Incest AWARE blog features writers of diverse backgrounds and experiences sharing their thoughts on healing, activism, and survivorship.

  • Our OutSPOKEN discussion series held virtual interviews with experts around a range of issues of interest to incest and child sexual abuse survivors, their supporters, and advocates.

  • Through our community development efforts, the Incest AWARE team partners with other people and organizations doing similar work, presents at conferences, and conducts other events to strengthen and support the incest prevention and advocacy community. 

  • Our website is a comprehensive digital resource for survivors, their supporters, and advocates - chock full of information and links to help and resources - and our YouTube channel features interviews with leading advocates and speakers.

About the Website

Launched in October 2020, the Incest AWARE website is devoted entirely to the topic of incest abuse - the first of its kind. In addition to being the virtual home for the Incest AWARE community, this website was designed to:

  • Help survivors and their loved ones along their healing journeys

  • Raise public awareness of incest, how to prevent it, and how to intervene to protect children

  • Ensure that survivor stories are heard and are catalysts for meaningful change

The Incest AWARE website is a comprehensive resource for those seeking information, resources, and support. A resource like this that is devoted exclusively to the topic of incest shines a light on the most hidden form of sexual abuse. It is a reminder to survivors that they are not alone, and inspires advocates to more vigorously push for societal change.

The vision of this site is a community in which children are safe at home, free from the lasting trauma that incest and other forms of family abuse cause. For those who have experienced incest, Incest AWARE envisions a world that validates survivor experience, expects accountability from offenders, and supports families healing from trauma.

And finally, a note about those who helped design this space. The goal of the website creator, Suzanne Isaza, was to give visibility to incest survivors who have stories and inspiration to share with others. There were over a dozen experts, survivors, and advocates who served as advisors, reviewed content, and dug up resources and research. The survivor photos and quotes sprinkled throughout the site are meant to convey that there are many of us surviving and thriving, and that together, we are strong. Most of them are listed on our Site Contributors page, and we are indebted to them for their help and inspiration.

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"Do not accept the shame that belongs to your abuser. Deshame yourself, beautiful incest survivor!"

- Pamela Clark, Deshaming Podcast