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About Incest AWARE

Despite the launch of the #MeToo movement in 2017 and the many stories told since then, still, no one is talking about incest. 

In the summer of 2020, I sat down at my computer, determined to find people or groups exclusively focused on the topic of incest. After Googling a term I thought would get me where I wanted to go, I was stunned to see the results of my search. Three of the top five website hits took me to articles advocating for incest to be legal and accepted. Then and there, I decided to create this site. No more, I pledged, would incest survivors feel marginalized and unseen. No more would the community remain unaware of the problem of incest while children continue to be abused at home. 

The purpose of this website devoted entirely to incest - the first of its kind - is threefold: 

  • To help survivors and their loved ones along their healing journeys

  • To raise public awareness of incest, how to prevent it, and how to intervene to protect children

  • To ensure that survivor stories are heard and are catalysts for meaningful change

Incest AWARE is a comprehensive resource for those seeking information, resources, and support. A website devoted exclusively to the topic of incest shines a light on the most hidden form of sexual abuse. It is a reminder to survivors that they are not alone, and inspires advocates to more vigorously push for societal change.

The vision of this site is a community in which children are safe at home, free from the lasting trauma that incest and other forms of family abuse cause. For those who have experienced incest, Incest AWARE envisions a world that validates survivor experience, expects accountability from offenders, and supports families healing from trauma.

I hope you find this website valuable and validating, and that it inspires action and awareness in our culture. If there is something you believe will make this site a more comprehensive resource, please tell us.

And finally, a note about those who helped with this project. My goal was to give visibility to incest survivors who have stories and inspiration to share with others. I hoped that site visitors would understand that they and their loved ones are not the only survivors out there - that they are not alone. The survivor photos and quotes sprinkled throughout the site are meant to convey that there are many of us surviving and thriving, and that together, we are strong. Additionally, there were over a dozen experts, survivors, and advocates who served as advisors, reviewed content, and dug up resources and research. Most of them are listed on our Site Contributors page. I am indebted to them for their help and inspiration.

Suzanne Isaza

Sexual violence prevention advocate and incest survivor

Creator, Incest AWARE

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"Do not accept the shame that belongs to your abuser. Deshame yourself, beautiful incest survivor!"

- Pamela Clark, Deshaming Podcast