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Our team.

The Incest AWARE team is made up of survivor and supporter volunteers who work together to raise awareness. Together, we seek to end incest abuse by supporting prevention initiatives, promoting recovery, and inspiring justice that stops harm.

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Rona Brodrick


Rona's journey as the mother of an adult survivor inspired her to share resources that help parents learn how to support their adult survivors while also taking care of themselves.


Jane Epstein

Complicated Courage

Jane’s passion, work, and life mission are to bring awareness of the staggering statistics of Sibling Sexual Trauma (SST). She's given a TedX talk on the subject and is publishing a memoir this year.


Josephine A. Lauren

Author & Activist

Jo. is an incest survivor who shares her story through writing and speaking. She offers trainings and writing workshops for the media, survivor support organizations, and survivors. 

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Dr. Lori Pitts

Still Whole Wellness

Dr. Lori is a 3x’s survivor of sexual assault. She is a holistic spiritual healer who is passionate about helping support others on their journey as they heal.

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Suzanne Isaza

Our founder.

As an incest survivor and outspoken advocate for incest awareness, Suzanne created Incest AWARE and the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network. Through over 100 trainings and talks, a dozen articles, DV/SA grant consultation, and 8 years of survivor outreach and activism, Suzanne’s mission is to end the exploitation and injustice of sexual violence in all its forms. Thank you, Suzanne, for your memorable contribution to this movement. 

Suzanne Isaza.

A therapists helps a family incest survivor.

Learn how to prevent family incest, as well as the causes and consequences of sexual abuse in families.

Heal after family incest

Learn how to heal after family incest and connect to organizations to support you in your journey.

Support a family incest survivor.

Learn how to support a family incest survivor through crisis, intervention, and recovery.

Connect with community to end family incest.

Connect with a community leading a movement seeking to end sexual abuse in families.

Incest AWARE Resources.

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