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Did you forget your memories of trauma and then remember them later in your life? If so, read the resources below and share your story to support the #TrueMemoriesCampaign. Reach out to a member of our alliance if you need support.

Join our 

Some call it "Recovered or Repressed Memory" and others "Delayed Recall." The DSM-5 refers to it as "Dissociative Amnesia." No matter what language you prefer, if your memories of Sexual Assault, Abuse, or Trauma resurfaced years after the event/s occurred, or if you're a supporter of the True Memories Movement, please, join our campaign for April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Share Your Recovered Memories

Incest AWARE is partnering with 5WAVES and other advocates to launch the True Memories Campaign in order to uplift sexual assault, abuse, and trauma survivor accounts, highlighting those who have recovered memories.

The campaign will launch on April 2, 2024 as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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Share Your Story &
Support on Social Media*

*Note that sharing your account on public platforms may have legal, social, psychological, physiological, and other consequences. Please, ensure that you understand the risks and consult a lawyer before disclosing, as well as have support systems in place to help you manage potential trauma triggers, social backlash, and/or online trolling. You can review Incest AWARE's recommended Crisis Support and other organizations that work with survivors. You can also download The Women's Legal Defense and Education Fund's Guide to Defamation for Survivors of Sexual Assault or Harassment,

as well as Josephine A. Lauren's Writing Guide for truth tellers.







Individuals are welcome to share a video, reel, or post about their recovered memory experiences or support for the movement in their own networks, or they can give 5WAVES video clips or quotes that others can post (anonymously if desired). If you are interested in being involved, please email Maria Socolof:

#truememories #repressedmemories #recoveredmemories #delayedrecall #dissociativeamnesia #Iforgot #Iremember #repressedmemoriesarereal #believesurvivors #survivorsdontlie #believeincestsurvivors #wearereal #metoo #metoomovement #metooincest #incestaware #incesttoo #siblingsexualabuse #siblingsexualtrauma #siblingstoo #sasurvivor #csasurvivor  

Download prepared social  media visuals here.

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Learn More About
Recovered Memories

Review the websites or read the books below to learn more about the science and history of recovered memories.


Judith Lewis Herman


Jennifer J. Freyd


Lynn Crook

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