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Incest AWARE.

Incest AWARE is an alliance of survivors, supporters, and organizations on a mission to keep children safe from incest in the first place. We offer services and solutions to end sexual abuse in families through prevention, intervention, recovery, and justice. If you are in need of support or training, please, reach out to a member of our alliance or check out our services. Let's start talking about incest so we can stop it together.

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Incest AWARE is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Consider contributing to support our mission and projects. Learn more about what we're working on through our donation page.

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It's time to stop incest.
Let's start by talking about it.

Our vision is to create a community in which children are safe at home, free from the lasting trauma that incest and other forms of family abuse cause. For those who have experienced incest, we envision a world that validates survivor experiences, expects accountability from offenders, and supports families healing from trauma.  The first step to stop incest is to start talking about it. It's time to learn about it, talk about it, and end it.

A therapists helps a family incest survivor.

Learn what incest is, as well as the causes, consequences, and rates of intrafamilial violence.

Heal after family incest

Learn how to heal after incest and connect to organizations to support you in your journey.

Support a family incest survivor.

Learn incest prevention, crisis intervention, and how to support a survivor  through recovery.

Connect with community to end family incest.

Connect with a community of anti-incest activists leading a movement seeking to stop incest.

Become Incest AWARE.

The Incest 

The Incest AWARE website is the first one devoted entirely to the topic of incest, the most hidden form of sexual abuseIt serves as a comprehensive resource for those seeking information and support. Learn about the causes and consequences of incest, prevention and policy ideas, as well as rates and recovery models. Read the voices of survivor-advocates who have chosen to transform their personal experiences with abuse into positive social change

on our blog. Receive direct services and support from any of the organizations within our alliance. Here, we hope you feel supported, seen, heard, and validated.

The Incest AWARE
community newsletter.

Sign up to stay up to date on community news, opportunities, and events for education and support after incest. Reach out to an individual or organization directly through the Incest AWARE Alliance.

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