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Incest AWARE

Learn about it. Talk about it. End it.

Despite the progress of the #MeToo movement, still, no one is talking about incest. Incest AWARE is committed to changing that. 

The mission of Incest AWARE is to be a digital resource on the topic of incest abuse. Incest AWARE raises awareness of the epidemic of sexual violence in the family system, provides resources to survivors and their loved ones along their healing journeys, and amplifies the voices of advocates who have chosen to transform their personal experiences with abuse into positive social change.

The Incest AWARE web resource is the first site devoted entirely to the topic of incest. It is designed for survivors, those who care about them, and those committed to stopping incest and helping survivors heal.

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For Survivors

Survivors need lots of support and resources to recover from the devastating effects of incest abuse, yet survivors can - and do - thrive. In this section, you will find information about recovery, options for personal support and other helpful resources, guidance for those considering taking action, and a page just for teen survivors.


Learn About Incest

Incest - the sexual abuse of a person by a family member - is very prevalent, yet few talk about it. This section explores what it is and how it affects people, statistics and research, warning signs and disclosure, sexual safety at home, and further reading and listening lists.

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Helping Survivors

Those working with or caring for survivors play an important role in supporting those affected by incest. This section is for these supporters, providing guidance on how to effectively help an incest survivor, resources for those in crisis, and intervention in cases of incest abuse.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and for incest, this adage couldn’t be more true. On these pages, you can explore strategies for raising awareness of incest, prevention tools, information on telling your survivor story or connecting with an incest speaker, and links to incest-related news and policy.

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