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AWARE Alliance.

This is a curated list of individuals and organizations that offer a number of survivor-centered resources available to incest abuse survivors, supporters, and spokespeople who share our commitment to creating safer families and systems. Please, visit the websites of each organization and reach out directly for information and services. * More support options are listed throughout the website, especially on our survivor support page.

Incest AWARE Alliance.

Direct Services
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Pennie Saum, survivor and TedX speaker, provides brave safe spaces and retreats for healing, prevention, and advocacy for survivors

and families.

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EmpowerSurvivors is a survivor-led organization incorporating the peer support model. Elizabeth Sullivan, CPSS, offers mentorship programs,  groups, classes, and conferences.

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A traveling art exhibition, individual and group art workshops, and a survivor e-zine all facilitated and created by Claire O'Leary, survivor, speaker, and designer.

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Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton offers trainings and raises awareness about the HUSH Topics: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Incest, and Sexual Harassment.

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Nancy Allen supports incest survivors through a community platform for resources, peer-to-peer connection, and coaching at an affordable monthly price.

Mary Knight is psychotherapist for WA state residents and a private practice coach for those out of state. As an incest survivor, she has produced a number of films and published a memoir. 

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Donna Jenson, survivor and artist, and her team invite survivors to share their stories through writing workshops, plays, and one-on-one calls.

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Survivor individual and group spiritual coaching with Dr. Lori Pitts, M.S. degree in Professional Clinical Counseling and a Dr. in Metaphysics.

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Shirkydra Roberts is an active Navy Officer, incest survivor, motivational speaker, author, and workshop leader. She offers inspirational guidance  for survivors.

Education & Consultation Services

Jane Epstein, sibling sexual abuse survivor and TedX Speaker, improves Sibling sexual abuse and trauma awareness through public speaking and advocacy work.

Complicated Courage_Logo.png

Dr. Levine provides professional development workshops and other consulting services. His areas of expertise include sexual violence, domestic violence, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

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Feather Berkower, LCSW, knows adults are responsible for protecting children from incest. She provides workshops and consultations to prevent, recognize, and act responsibly when one witnesses it.

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Brandy Black, Jane Epstein, Hope Sittler, Maria Socolof, and Fiona Ward provide worldwide awareness and education to confront and heal from sibling sexual trauma​.

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Kesa Kivel is an educator, incest survivor, and anti-racist/anti-incest activist working on blog series: Transforming the Way We Think About Incest: How Incest Intersects with Sexism and  Anti-Black Racism. 


Healing From Chronic Pain by Maria Socolof educates on the link between trauma and chronic pain as it applies to anyone who has experienced trauma, including incest survivors. 

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Breaking the stigma and shame of incest and childhood sexual abuse by offering resources and a place of refuge for anyone supporting an adult survivor with survivor parent, Rona Brodrick.

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Josephine A. Lauren, survivor, author, and activist, improves media representation of incest abuse through publications, consulting, trainings, and writing workshops. Look out for her upcoming memoir.

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NDW creates content and participates in keynote/panel discussions nationwide on child sexual abuse/sibling sexual abuse awareness, prevention and recovery. 

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A part of 5WAVES, this is a resource page for survivors, parents, professionals, and people who have harmed to learn about, prevent, and heal from sibling sexual trauma.

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Join the Incest AWARE Alliance.

Do you work to support prevention, intervention, recovery, or justice

initiatives to end incest and help survivors? If so, reach out to Josephine A. Lauren at

A therapists helps a family incest survivor.

Learn how to prevent family incest, as well as the causes and consequences of sexual abuse in families.

Heal after family incest

Learn how to heal after family incest and connect to organizations to support you in your journey.

Support a family incest survivor.

Learn how to support a family incest survivor through crisis, intervention, and recovery.

Connect with community to end family incest.

Connect with a community leading a movement seeking to end sexual abuse in families.

Incest AWARE Resources.


These individuals and organizations have been

gathered by the Incest AWARE team. They are all options for incest abuse survivors and those seeking to support them, not direct endorsements. Please, reach out to these resources and contacts directly to decide if the programs and people are right for you and your clients.



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