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Support for Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs)

Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) are people who are sexually attracted to minors. While some MAPs have chosen to abuse children, others have not. Either way, there are resources to help MAPs find support and community so that they never abuse a child or stop abuse patterns and participate in transformational healing.

Support for MAPs.

If you are tempted to act on incestuous thoughts or desires or have already acted and would like to end the pattern of abuse, please, reach out to any of these organizations for support:


Prostasia Foundation


The Global Prevention Project


Help Wanted 


Stop It Now Helpline


These individuals and organizations were gathered by the Incest AWARE team. They are all options for incest abuse survivors and those seeking to support them, not direct endorsements. Please, reach out to these resources and contacts directly to decide if the programs and people are right for you and your clients.

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