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For incest survivors having a hard time or wanting to embark on a path to thriving, supportive groups and communities can be a lifeline. The following support groups and directories are designed for incest and other abuse survivors and those who support their healing.

Support Groups for Incest Survivors:

1 in 6: This organization sponsors free and anonymous chat-based support groups for male survivors of sexual abuse seeking a community of support. Sessions are offered Monday through Friday. These written chat (no audio or video) groups focus on education and mutual support for males and are facilitated by a counselor.

HelpRoom: HelpRoom is an anonymous online group chat option that allows members of the community who have been affected by sexual violence to connect with one another. Trained staff facilitate group discussions to ensure a safe environment for all visitors to discuss topics and experiences related to sexual violence.

Hidden Water Circle: This organization has groups meeting weekly — either in-person or online — that are designed to enable participants to find the growing edge of their healing alongside others who have had similar experiences with childhood sexual abuse.

Isurvive: Isurvive is an online abuse survivor support group. Their forums/chat rooms are open to adult survivors and their loved ones seeking to heal from all forms of abuse, including sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, and ritual.

The Lamplighters: This organization is dedicated to recovery from incest and child sexual abuse. They have chapters located throughout the US that organize groups for survivors.

National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: NAASCA’s website has a list of recovery groups and services worldwide for adult survivors of abuse, including incest. Their online daytime recovery meetings are an open discussion forum about child abuse trauma and recovery and are hosted by volunteer members.  

Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN) Facebook Group: SAAN was founded to support the people who support sexual violence survivors. Their active Facebook group connects survivor-advocates who are working to support other incest and other sexual abuse survivors, change policy, and raise awareness.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous (SIA): SIA is a 12-step recovery program for adult survivors of incest. They offer a range of peer-support groups, including virtual, phone, and in-person - all free of cost. Their website contains other resources and information of interest to incest survivors.

StopSO: This organization’s Support for Families Online Group is designed to be a safe and supportive space for family members of a sexual offender or for family members of someone who is worried that they may cause sexual harm. (This organization also provides services for those at risk of offending and concerned about their thoughts or behavior.)

Tail of the Bell: Geared toward adult survivors of incest, Tail of the Bell will soon be offering peer-to-peer incest survivor facilitated groups called YANA. Participants will become members of small groups of 6-8 survivors maximum who will meet weekly in a virtual space to offer mutual support and guidance. 

Triumphant Trauma Tribe: Started by an experienced therapist, this is a virtual group support meeting for trauma survivors gathering several times per week. The format is a combination of sharing and group support. If you have something you're going through, they encourage you to talk about it and others can give feedback, support, or just general encouragement. There is a screening process to get into the group; this ensures that the membership is appropriate for this setting. 

Searchable Databases:

Psychology Today’s website has a “Find a Therapist” directory of therapists, psychiatrists, treatment centers, and support groups located throughout the US that is searchable by city or zip code. 

RAINN’s “Find Help Near You” database connects survivors to information about centers located in their region that may offer support groups and other local resources.

NSVRC has compiled a list of websites and resources offering support and help for survivors, which includes links to support groups. It can be accessed here.

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“As different and isolated you may feel, unfortunately there are far too many of us that do understand and get it. You are not alone (YANA). Surround yourself with people that believe you and in you.”

- Nancy Allen