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The stories of incest survivors are rarely told in public. Yet it’s important that the community hear them so we all understand incest and know how to support prevention efforts.

The following survivors have been sharing their stories and helping survivors with passion and experience. They are available for a wide range of speaking engagements, podcasts, and media interviews.


Ja'Nay Chew

Ja’Nay’s passion is to advocate and bring awareness to sexual abuse and mental health. She created a YouTube channel called Nay Uplifting Others over two years ago to share some of her story, and others' stories as well, while on her healing journey. She has shared her incest experience in other forums and was a collaborator on the website Unapologetically Surviving. Ja’Nay is available for media interviews and podcast appearances and can be reached at

Pamela Clark.jpeg

Pamela Clark

Pamela Clark is the founder of DeShaming; a global movement and podcast dedicated to raising awareness and eradicating incest abuse. She is a survivor of incest abuse and childhood family trauma. Pamela works as a licensed behavior therapist, podcaster and writer. She is also a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau, sharing her story of survival at public events.  In addition she is also the founder of Swinging on the Spectrum, a volunteer group providing camps for special needs children of military families in the San Antonio area. Pamela is available for speaking engagements. You can contact her at


Jane Epstein

Jane is an incest survivor who uses the power of writing to process, heal, and educate. An author, she began writing a children’s book and created a personal blog to write on this topic. She is an active member of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN) and assisted with the creation of Incest AWARE. Her mission is to bring about awareness. She is available to speak with individuals and groups about her personal experience. You can reach Jane at


Suzanne Isaza

Suzanne has been an outspoken advocate for incest and sexual violence prevention since 2014. Suzanne is the creator of the web resource Incest AWARE and the Founder of the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN). Suzanne has provided over 50 trainings and talks, and is a member of the sexual assault and harassment prevention training organization Difference Makers LLC. She has been a consultant with groups on organizational development, grassroots fundraising, grant writing, and leadership development, and is also the author of an online column on sexual violence. She can be contacted at for speaking engagements, podcast appearances, and media interviews. For more information about Suzanne, visit her personal website.

Anne Lauren_Writer_Survivor.png

Anne M. Lauren

Anne M. Lauren is an author, artist, and alchemist. She shares her story of childhood trauma through writing and public speaking as a medium to express the significant intersections and urgent demands between spirituality, psychology, healing, and justice on individual and collective levels. She also dabbles in intuitive painting, tinkers on the piano, travels when she can, sings at the top of her lungs in the shower, and pretends that she’s funny. Anne’s story has been published in print and digital magazines like Arcadia, Elite Daily, The Mighty, and Elephant Journal. You can review her portfolio and contact her at and find her @annemlauren on all social media platforms.

Michael Skinner.JPG

Michael Skinner

Michael Skinner is a sexual assault prevention advocate, educator, writer, and musician, addressing the issues of trauma, abuse, and mental health concerns. He has delivered many presentations at colleges, high schools, and mental health and DV/SA centers and conferences. He has appeared on TV, radio and internet shows and has been the subject of many news articles regarding child abuse and mental health. Michael is also a consultant and trainer for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, and is the founder and director of The Surviving Spirit, a monthly newsletter and website sharing resources to help those impacted by trauma, abuse and mental health challenges. Reach him at

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Linda Vidi

Linda Vidi is an advocate, licensed therapist, and incest survivor who has been in the field since 1990. She has researched and written on generational trauma and how it is passed down. She knows the impact it has on survivors emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and understands the impact on the family system. Her goal is to educate, enlighten, help heal, and prevent sexual abuse and trauma. Linda has a YouTube channel and online therapy group for trauma survivors. She is available to speak to groups, churches, and other facilities as needed. You can reach Linda at

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