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Share your
incest story on the Incest AWARE blog.

The Incest AWARE Alliance keeps incest survivor stories centered in our activism and awareness campaigns. Reading stories of sexual abuse, incest, and recovery on the Incest AWARE Blog can  help support you in your own healing process. Sharing sexual abuse stories written by incest survivors can also empower others into activism to end sexual violence everywhere, especially in the home. If you need support, please, reach out to a member of the Incest AWARE Alliance. Learn more about how to share your incest story below.

Share Your Incest Survivor Story.

Are you a survivor ready to share your incest story?  Or a professional who listens to stories of sexual abuse and has advice to contribute to our community? Submit a piece for our Incest AWARE Blog that seeks to increase awareness and inspire survivors. The process of writing sexual abuse stories can serve as a method of healing. It can help you to get the story out of your body and onto the page, as well as give you the power to shape your own narrative.  Sharing incest and sexual abuse stories can invite you to make meaning of a horrible experience and lighten the load of the trauma. It can break the often taboo and silent nature of the issue and inspire other survivor stories to be spoken out loud or written down. If you're a professional, teaching others how to hold sexual abuse stories and heal survivors is great work that deserves to be shared. Share you sexual abuse stories or healing wisdom by reaching out to Josephine A. Lauren, Incest AWARE's Community Organizer. If you need support while reading our writing, go to our support page.

The Incest AWARE Blog

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Survivor Wisdom

"Anyone brave enough to survive most people's greatest fear as a child has a story worth telling."

- AmyAnna Soto

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